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How to best contact us!


NEW CLIENTS: Unfortunately we are not currently taking on new clients due to going on maternity.
EXISTING/PREVIOUS CLIENTS: Please use Facebook messenger or direct email.

We know we can be difficult to get ahold of sometimes! We appreciate your patience!
We are usually out training dogs and rarely have access to our phones or computers. 

If you just need our address, or need to change your appointment, or pick up dog food, please TEXT us at (506) 427 4093. We may not reply until we can get time to check our phone. Please DO NOT text us if you aren't texting for the above things and are looking for training. We will not respond. 

Phone calls:
 We don't often have our phones on us as they are often disruptive and distracting. If we don't recognize a number we will not answer.
 We often have full schedules and phone calls will only be made if we take you on as a client and you need a phone consult. 


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