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Board & Train Programs

Unfortunately we are not taking on new clients at this time. We are full until May and then going on maternity. We really appreciate you having interest in our programs and hope we can help you in the future when we return to work. We also recommend getting help from someone experienced asap and not waiting for your dog training needs, because we don't know when we will take on new clients again.



7 Day Program (total 10 days here with weekends) 
Ages 12 weeks - 8 months



Place command

Recall foundation

Developing manners (jumping, biting, etc)

Crate training
Nail trim

Developing social skills with other dogs

Socialization - surfaces, sounds, people, environments

Building confidence
Includes private lesson upon pickup.



14 Day Program (total 19 days here with weekends)
Ages 12 weeks - 8 months

Foundations for heel and loose leash walking



Place command

Go to your bed

Recall foundation

Developing manners and patience

Crate training

Handling work for groomer/vet

Nail trim

Developing social skills with other dogs

Socialization - surfaces, sounds, people, environments

Building confidence

Optional: Add off leash foundation (Educator ecollar included, available for over 4 months)


14 day + 14 day program (total 38 days here with weekends)
Off-leash foundations

Puppy comes initially between 3-8 months old for a period of 2 weeks. Owners get online support to help them train after the pup goes home until they return for their second 2 week period, between 8-24 months old, depending what we recommend.

Loose leash walking

Sit stay in distractions

Down stay in distractions

Patience in new settings

Go to your bed or crate command

Stand on command with cue

Place command

Off leash recall

Off leash down and stay

Manners (jumping, biting hands, barking etc)

Social skills with dogs

Handling for vet/groomer

Building confidence

Working in distractions



14 Day Program (total 19 days here with weekends)
Off leash foundations

Sit stay

Down stay 

Go to your bed

Recall off leash

Loose leash walking 

Manners (jumping, pulling, counter surfing, barking, etc)

Training in distractions

Confidence Building

Muzzle training (optional) 

Social skills with dogs (limited, depending on time and number of other issues the dog has. If you want this to be a priority, then we have to focus less on the obedience parts and more on social skills)

Includes Educator ecollar, and 1-2 hr pickup lesson.

ADD ON: Public work, additional 14 days, get your dog solid in public obedience and manners.

Behavioral Program

This program is for:
-Out of control dogs

-Basic obedience

-Nervous/fearful dogs

-Dogs with environmental issues

-Anxiety cases

-Reactivity on leash or in crate

-Aggression towards dogs

We take these dogs on a case by case basis.
Please contact us using our contact form for info. 



Focused on building the foundation exercises for sport puppies and dogs, and building confidence and drive.
CKC, IGP or Rally obedience.

Some things that might be covered are: 

Heel foundation
Developing food drive
Basic position
Around command for blinds 
and much more

 (5 days training per week) Please reach out with your goals and we can recommend how many weeks to start with.


Age 10 months and up

-Force Fetch

-Ecollar conditioning

-Kennel command

-Sit stay steady

-Basic marking
-Intro to gunfire


-Deliver to hand
We go as far as the young dog will allow and is ready for. If they are ready to go further than the above, we keep going, onto casting, stop on whistle, doubles, etc.


Must bring your own Dogtra  (1900s model preferred) or Educator ecollar)


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