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**PLEASE NOTE: We are currently not taking on new clients.


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What is your dogs name and is it male or female?*

How old is your dog? Are they spayed/neutered or intact?*

What breed or mix?*

What type of training options interest you from our list of training services?

How old was the dog when you got it?*

Is your dog from the rescues in the USA?*

Where did you get your dog from? (name of breeder, rescue or kennel!)

Is this your first dog? If not, tell us what breeds you owned before.*

How did you hear about us?*

What are the main issues your dog has or what do they need to work on?*

Have you seen a trainer before? If so who?*

What did your previous trainer say? Why did you decide to change trainers?

Has your dog shown aggression towards humans? If so, have they bitten and if so, how many times and what were the incidents?*

Has your dog shown aggression towards other dogs or animals? If so, describe the incidents*

Is your dog fearful of new things/people/etc? Were they like that from a puppy?*

What methods or techniques have you tried, to help your dog?*

How much training or exercise time do you have in a day on average to provide your dog?*

Is your dog crate trained? If so, do you use a metal cage or plastic kennel?*

What is your rough location? (Moncton, NB? Halifax, NS?)*

How often can you come here for lessons if needed? (once a week, twice a month? Whenever I recommend?)*

What is your budget for training? (This helps us figure out the best training plan for your dog and we can let you know your options)*

Do you live in the city, rural area or farm? *

How do you keep your dog home? Fenced yard? Tether? Roams free?

On a scale of 0-10, how much does learning to train your dog interest you?

What are your goals for your dog's training? What are your goals for us? And long term goals?

What does your dog know for training? Example: sit, down, etc

What do you walk your dog on? (Harness, slip lead, prong collar, halti, flat collar?) How many minutes per day on average do you walk your dog?

How many people/dogs/other animals live in your household with the dog?*

Do you have a very quiet house or a very social house?*

Anything else you want to add for us?

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