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Training Services

Note: We are currently full and not taking on new clients.
We do have opportunities for SEMINAR attendance and some limited GROUP CLASS attendance for people who want to audit (watch, take notes, etc)


Board and train allows you to bring your dog or puppy to training and leave them for a period of time.

We have different programs available, including:

Off leash training programs
Obedience training

Hunting dog programs

Competition training programs

Puppy programs



With private lessons, you get a custom program for you and your and work one-on-one with the trainer to obtain your goals. Private lessons may be recommended for you, or if you have a severe or complicated case, we may recommend another training route, like a board and train.

Private lessons work best if done weekly over a period of 6-8 weeks, and if you have the time and experience to train your dog at home in between and are dedicated to learning and practicing with your dog.

NOTE: At least one private lesson is required in order to join any type of group class. Dog must be approved and ready to enter a group.


*Due to time and scheduling restrictions, our group classes will only be offered when we have the time.*
Group classes are a great way to get your dog focused and working in distraction setting and practice exercises that will be useful when going into public situations. 
They are also helpful for people who want to practice what they are learning in their private lessons, or as a follow up after a board and train program to keep training.
 Dogs must be ready for group class and must have at least 1 private lesson to be approved.
Worried about group class because your dog isn't comfortable with other dogs? We don't normally do face-to-face meetings between dogs. This is not playtime for the dogs. They learn to focus on the handlers.


March 9 - IGP Handler Skills Seminar 



Resch. to April 21 due to storm- Fundamentals of Dog Training 


April 14 - Competition Obedience Seminar



From Schutzhund to CKC competitions, training puppies to rehabilitating problem dogs, this journey has been everything from tragic to truly spectacular. To never stop learning is the key to always becoming a better trainer!


Route 495 Rexton NB


506 427 4093

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