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NOTE: March 2024
We are currently not taking on NEW clients. We will be developing lesson programs in the future that will cover specific issues, and allow you to buy lesson packages after an initial consult. Please keep an eye on our facebook page or here, for updates on when this will be available. 

Private lessons give you time to talk one on one with the trainer, discuss your individual issues, and discuss things that aren't covered in a group class. 
It also gives you the opportunity to get set up with the right equipment, knowledge, and tools to implement and prepare for your dogs future. 


Some reasons for private lessons can include:
-Ecollar training for off leash recall 
- Competition training
-Reactivity issues

Note that we only do limited private lessons per week, as our schedule permits. When you book, you will be booked for a 1 hr slot unless you state otherwise that you want a 1.5 or 2 hr slot.

Payment is required to book slots. 

You will also need to bring treats or food to train with, and do not feed the dog before the lesson as we will be using a lot of food to train. Always have your dog leashed before exiting the car, and do not bring an aggressive dog out of the car until we are ready for you to come in. Do not enter the training center with a dog until the other dog has exited.

Because we have a high demand for appointments, please understand that we may not be able to get you in for training right away. 



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